Destroyer ORP Kujawiak

Appearance as in 1942.

On September 22, 2014 a team of Polish explorers and an American from the Wreck Expeditions Association discovered the resting place of the ORP Kujawiak, designated L72, off of Malta.


See also the animation of ORP Kujawiak in the video section.

ORP Kujawiak 3D view

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Short description of 3D graphic

orp kujawiak s01

Polish destroyer escort ORP Kujawiak, appearance at the time of sinking (June 1942).

orp kujawiak s02

The ship is wearing multiple color camouflage, and her tactical number (L72) is painted on both sides of the hull and on the stern.

orp kujawiak s03

Stern section of the ship. Two twin 4 inch mounts are visible in the foreground with depth charge throwers and racks further aft.

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