History of Battleship Bismarck

Battleship Bismarck was built as the first vessel of Bismarck-class battleships, the last and largest battleships to be built for the Kriegsmarine (German Navy).

At the time of her commissioning, 24 August 1940, she was regarded as the biggest threat for the British Royal Navy and the backbone of future German operations against Allied shipping in the Atlantic.

The first mBismarck firing her main guns in anger during Battle of Denmark Strait, 24 May 1941.ission of battleship Bismarck together with heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen took place in May 1941 and was code-named “Rheinübung”. Its aim was to hunt and sink British merchant ships in the North Atlantic. This operation that lasted only just over a week made history under the name Hunt for the Bismarck. Almost every available vessel of British Home Fleet became engaged in locating and sinking the German battleship, with pure luck turning towards either side in several decisive moments.

During the Battle of Denmark Strait, Bismarck managed to sink strongly armed, but old and poorly armored battlecruiser Hood in a gunfight that lasted just several minutes. Newest British battleship Prince of Wales was damaged but in turn also managed to wound the Bismarck.The German ship was forced to steam back to occupied France.

On the way, just before reaching the air cover from German bombers stationed in France, Bismarck was hit with torpedoes by aircraft from carrier Ark Royal. One of them damaged the rudders and rendered the ship unmaneuverable. Having survived night torpedo attacks by destroyers, Bismarck met her doom on the next morning, 27 May 1941.

Bismarck in her "Baltic stripe" camouflage, early May 1941.

During a long, uneven gunfight, German ship was hit several hundred times by British battleships and heavy cruisers. Turned into a floating wreck, Bismarck rolled and sank within minutes – a result of torpedoes from British cruisers and her own crew’s efforts to scuttle the ship after they had learned that the battle was lost.

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