3D Studio MAX, Chaos Group V-Ray

The Software I work with is Autodesk 3D Studio MAX.

It is a very powerful tool that enables a skilled user to create highly detailed and complex 3d meshes of military objects. It also features components for texturing, mapping, rigging and animating these meshes.

The plugin I use for creating realistic final images is Chaos Group V-Ray rendering engine.

Apart from color renderings of 3D military models, it is possible to make:

  • scale plans for modellers,

  • battle scene artwork prints,

  • 3D anaglyph images,

  • animations

  • real-life miniature models with the help of 3D printers.

Battleship Bismarck 3D website - www.bismarck3d.pl

Website dedicated to history and 3D graphics, and presenting the 3D models made by Stefan Dramiński, with a special emphasis on German battleship Bismarck.

All the materials presented on this website are the property of the author and cannot be used without his permission!


POLAND, 2015